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Electronic cigarette safety and side effects

The ecigs – also known as esmokes and vaporizers – have been on the market and been used by smokers for years. Very few people have sought medical help because of using these vaping devices. Compared to the side effects of regular tobacco use, these vaporizers are a safer alternative as they only contain 4-5  ingredients: water, propylene glycol (and/or vegetable glycerine), nicotine and flavourings. Tobacco contains at least 4000 hazardous chemicals.


Which Electronic Cigarette To Buy

There are several main types of electronic cigarettes, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Some last more, others provide you with a better taste. Here are the main types of electronic cigarettes.

Disposable E-cig

disposable ecigs

Disposable ecigarettes are perhaps some of the most common versions on the market.  They only last a single charge cycle, as they are thrown away after the battery dies out. They are more expensive in the long run than other types, but for the occasional smoker, they’re a good choice, as they are normally the equivalent of one pack of tobacco cigarettes.

Mini Rechargeable Ecig

e-cigarette smoking

The mini e-cigarettes, or ecig-a-likes, are the most convenient type for transitional smokers. They are small and lightweight and are the closest to the conventional cigarettes in size and feel. They come with rechargeable batteries, and they are perhaps the best option for people looking for a discreet and comfortable feel.

eGo Ecigarette

ego e-cigarette

The eGo e-cigarettes are larger than the minis, and don’t resemble the size and shape of regular cigarettes. They offer the user more control and stronger vapor along with a more intense taste, which makes them better suited for smokers looking for a more intense vapour.



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