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Replace Your Favorite Cig with an Electronic Cigarette – The Best, Healthiest Alternative to Smoking

If you are a smoker, you have surely heard about the benefits of the electronic cigarette. As the health risks and dangers of smoking get more and more publicity, numerous smokers have turned towards e-cigarettes, the most modern, completely healthy and harmless alternatives to traditional cigarettes.
These sleek and elegant-looking electronic devices are powered by batteries and they contain liquid nicotine dissolved in propylene glycol and water. The batteries in the e-cigarette heat up the nicotine when the user takes a puff and the vaporized nicotine is then inhaled, creating a sensation similar to puffing on a cigar or cigarette, but without any of the harmful effects of smoking. If you are a smoker looking for replacement for your cigarettes that would still guarantee the pleasure of smoking, here is a short summary of the benefits of our e-cigs.

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No Harmful Substances

Though nicotine is known to be a highly addictive substance, it is carbon monoxide and tar that makes traditional cigarettes dangerous. E-cigs, on the other hand, contain none of these harmful chemicals – what’s more, they contain none of the other 4,000 poisons that normal cigarettes release.

No Smoke

E-cigs are also called vaping devices or vapers for the reason that you inhale nicotine vapors rather than smoke. Smoking may be pleasurable for the smoker, but it certainly isn’t for those around. E-cigarettes will help you enjoy your cig without disturbing the non-smokers around you as these electronic devices release vapor and not smoke. With e-cigs, your clothes, your drapes and furniture will no longer smell of smoke, you no longer need to go out on the balcony to have a cigarette– you can smoke your e-cig inside, without bothering anyone. E-cigs are also allowed in places that otherwise ban smoking such as restaurants or bars.

Available in Various Flavors, Colors, Shapes and Sizes

Variety is another benefit of the electronic cigarette – Ireland is certainly the country with the widest range of vaporizers available. The liquid nicotine is available in various flavors, allowing smokers to choose the taste they like – with e-cigs you don’t have to give up your favorite menthol flavor; what’s more, you can try new flavors that are not available with traditional tobacco-based products.


So What Is An Electronic Cigarette

E-cigarettes basically are devices working on batteries. These are filled with e-liquid that is mostly nicotine dissolved in Propylene glycol and water. Maximum e-cigs will look like actual cigarettes having white cylindrical tube, red-glowing tip, and brown filter. There are some that are available in lesser conspicuous and darker colours. Vaping is a term used when one takes puff on one end of e-cig tube. Here the battery will heat nicotine that in turn created vapours that will be inhaled into lungs. The end result is smoking sensation in lungs and mouth without actually smoking. E-cigs are considered to be the best way of reducing amount of traditional cigs smoked that in turn can result in leaving smoking all together. E-cigarettes are the safest way of smoking. These are available in wide range of flavours like strawberry, vanilla, mint, menthol, tobacco, coffee, and lots more. Several doctors suggest smoking e-cig to chain smokers so that their smoking becomes limited.

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These cigs don’t have distinctive odour that normally you would feel with traditional cigs. Often smokers have to move away from others so as to smoke traditional cigs. But with e-cigs they don’t have to do so. They can smoke in public as no odour is released that means no scent left from car, clothes, or hair. Moreover, vapours coming out of this cig aren’t dangerous for others who inhale it. These e-cigarettes are pretty cheap when compared to traditional cigs. Moreover, their price is reducing as number of individuals using them is increasing. They come in much handy case so that carrying their different parts like battery, charger, cartomizers, etc. isn’t an issue. Assembling and dis-assembling them is pretty simple. These are highly safe when compared with conventional cigs. These don’t make use of burning tobacco hence don’t pose a fire hazard.


Electronic cigarette safety and side effects

The e-cigs – also known as e-smokes and vaporizers – have been on the market and been used by smokers for years. Very few people have sought medical help because of using these vaping devices. Compared to the side effects of regular tobacco use, these vaporizers are a safer alternative as they only contain 4-5  ingredients: water, propylene glycol (and/or vegetable glycerine), nicotine and flavourings. Tobacco contains at least 4000 hazardous chemicals.


Types of E-cigarettes

There are several main types of electronic cigarettes, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Some last more, others provide you with a better taste. Here are the main types of electronic cigarettes.

Disposable E-cig

disposable ecigs

Disposable ecigarettes are perhaps some of the most common versions on the market.  They only last a single charge cycle, as they are thrown away after the battery dies out. They are more expensive in the long run than other types, but for the occasional smoker, they’re a good choice, as they are normally the equivalent of one pack of tobacco cigarettes.

Mini Rechargeable Ecig

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The mini e-cigarettes, or ecig-a-likes, are the most convenient type for transitional smokers. They are small and lightweight and are the closest to the conventional cigarettes in size and feel. They come with rechargeable batteries, and they are perhaps the best option for people looking for a discreet and comfortable feel.

eGo Electronic Cigarette

ego e-cigarette

The eGo e-cigarettes are larger than the minis, and don’t resemble the size and shape of regular cigarettes. They offer the user more control and stronger vapor along with a more intense taste, which makes them better suited for smokers looking for a more intense vapour.

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