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Introduction to the eGo personal vaporizer

Out of the many types of electronic cigarettes, the mid-sized format, or the eGo is perhaps the most popular one among serious vapers. Larger than disposable or mini electronic cigarettes, eGos provide users with a better vapor production and longer battery life and that makes the eGo  one of the best suited e-cigarettes for moderate and heavy smokers.

What is an eGo?

An eGo, or mid-sized cigarette, is an electronic cigarette that is considerably larger than its mini and disposable format. While they are not as large as more advanced electronic cigarettes such as mods, they are easily distinguishable from cig-a-likes. They come with a larger battery and cartridge which provide the user with an extended life and a much better production in vapors. There are many popular models, and many brands produce eGos. While the mini format may have both the automated and the manual operating system, the eGo will always be used manually. This gives the user much more control over how vapors are produced.


Advantages of using eGo

One of the main advantages of using eGos is that for heavy smokers, the eGos are among the best choices, since the minis or disposable electronic cigarettes aren’t capable of offering a powerful enough vapor and taste.

Another advantage of using eGos is that they are manually operated and the user may select how strong the vapor is produced, having much more control. While larger and more advanced than minis, eGos are an affordable option even for heavy smokers, since refilling the cartridge doesn’t cost very much. The battery life provided by most eGos is great, offering the user with extended usage before it has to be recharged. Out of small and medium-sized cigarettes, the eGo offers the best vapor production, so they are excellent for medium or heavy smokers.

Is an eGo right for you?

If you are just starting out with electronic cigarettes, you might be better off with the mini format. However, if you’re used to smoking a lot, then the mini electronic cigarette will definitely not satisfy your needs and an eGo is the right choice.

This type of electronic cigarette is small enough to be easily handled, and it might not be confused with a tobacco or mini cigarette. The eGo is also excellent for vapers who prefer vapor production rather than having commodity, and this type of cigarette is ideal as it is clean, convenient and its battery life will more than suffice the regular needs of a moderate e-smoker.

Due to its double battery life and vapor production compared to minis, eGos are by far the most economical option for moderate smokers, and they boast great performance to satisfy most of them.


The eGo electronic cigarette is a deviation from the rechargeable style as well as being the best type for individuals who look for more vapour and larger batteries. These e-cigs are available in wide range of styles, colours, and sizes for buyers to select from. It is extremely simple to use Ego because of its simple functionality and easy handling. It comes with stronger and larger batteries that will last for nearly a day. This means you can enjoy smoking even when you are travelling and don’t have a power source.

These cigs come with a tank designed in such a way so that they offer strong hold. Ego electronic cigarettes are great for heavy smokers. Some of the important parts included with Ego electronic cigarette include:
* Atomizer – This is the heating part. It will release 2 to 5 drops into heating filament.
* Cartomizers – It is heating element that is wrapped carefully in polly-fill that will be soaked in e-liquid.
* Tanks – This is kind is carefully seated in bigger tank that will be filled with the nicotine liquid. There will be a hole drilled strategically in this so as to allow the e-liquid to reach the wick as well as keep it soaked.


ce4 ego electronic cigarette
You will be provided with a single button when using battery. All you need to do is to press this button on or off as per your charging requirements. It is suggested that you should turn the battery off completely when you are carrying it in your pocket so as to reduce the chances of accident. Ego electronic cigarette comes with highest quality vapours. Users have complete flexibility to choose flavour of their desire. Moreover, they can try different flavours each time so as to see which one suits them best. You will be provided with starting kit with instructions that will help you in assembling, dis-assembling, as well as using this e-cig.


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