How Can E-cigs Help The Smoker

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The Main Purpose Of E-cigs?

The main purpose of ecigarettes is to provide tobacco smokers with an alternative to smoking. Tobacco smoking involves imbibing the harmful nicotine and other chemicals. Towards this goal, esmoke provide them with a realistic smoking experience complete with a nicotine dash and flavor to ensure that the user is weaned away from the gravely injurious tobacco cigarette.

The cancer-causing and other ill-effects of tobacco smoking on the general health of the human body have been enunciated quite elaborately. Smoking can damage every organ in the body. But millions around the world continue to smoke the killer tobacco. Tobacco smoking soon becomes such an addiction that the smokers cannot quit smoking even though they try seriously and with all their determination.

This has brought in the ecig. It may look like a tobacco cigarette. It does not burn tobacco. It vaporizes a liquid, which is inhaled, or “vaped.” The vapor can do its bit in freeing you from the clutches of the tobacco cigarette. The e-smokes do offer nicotine but in such a low proportion that it does not harm the body. It helps the body to do away without consuming the high-nicotine tobacco cigarette.

E-cigarettes are smoke-free. They do not contain tobacco but they have varying amounts of nicotine. The liquid has nicotine, flavors and other additives like vegetable glycerine. Some products contain nicotine comparable to regular tobacco cigarettes, some have low levels of nicotine and some have no nicotine.

Other Advantages Of Vaping

Apart from the main advantage to the general health and lowering of the cancer risk, there are many other advantages of replacing tobacco smoking with vaping devices.

• The persistent cough disappears.
• The food becomes much tastier.
• The lungs begin to function normally and breathing becomes   normal. You reduce the intake of carbon monoxide, which displaces oxygen in blood.
• Secondary smokers, who suffer by inhaling the smoke exhaled by smokers, face no risk.
• Vaping devices work out to be much cheaper than tobacco cigarettes. So the e-cigarette user saves a lot.
• Life insurance cost reduces.
• Smokers don’t remain stinky. So they become more acceptable to others.
• Their clothes or rooms or furnishings do not smell any more. You don’t ashtrays as there is no ash. And there are no butts either.
• There are no flames in e-smoking. So there are no fire hazards.
• Smokers do get nicotine but not in a quantity that will harm you.
• You do not have to worry about the lighter cigarette or the matchbox.

But by far the most important benefit of an e-smoke is its ability to wean away our dear ones from the very dangerously harmful habit of tobacco smoking. We see our loved ones being reduced to helpless addicts and suffer as much as the one suffering because of smoking. If esmokes can help even a small percentage of addicted smokers to keep the habit for good, that will mean a new life of health and joy for not only the smoker but also the entire family. Of course, it will be great if our dear ones can quit smoking without the help of e-cigarettes. But if they can’t, there is absolutely no harm in seeking the help of these digital devices.